It takes the right technology, the right tools and, most importantly, the right team to keep up with today’s demands. The App Pros provide clients with the essential technological know-how and market savvy to position businesses and entrepreneurs at the forefront of the marketplace.

Move Beyond to the Solution
Lacking the proper tools, not even the best ideas come to fruition. The hard truth is: it takes much more than a good (or even Great) idea to get off the ground. For an idea to truly take off, it must be crafted with the requisite precision and insight to properly navigate the currents and trends of the present-day marketplace.

The App Pros’ team of experts help local businesses get the most from their resources by building solutions that level the playing field and allow smaller businesses to compete with larger contenders. In other words, they help customers achieve their fullest potential in a constantly evolving frontier of technology.


What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart We are professionals.
Plenty of app and software development companies can give you an estimate and a promise, but we understand that when it comes to your business, you need more. We know what a project requires and our role is to give you realistic predictions and accurate information. In short, we deliver the professionalism you deserve.

We immerse ourselves in your processes.
We take your processes and automate them with software that fits into your current, every day workflow. Automating those manual processes saves you time allowing you to focus on growing your business.

We are on your team for life.
Custom software development is both a science and an art. Our team of experts can help refine and showcase your idea as a proof of concept, develop that concept into a functional product, help introduce that product to your user base and provide ongoing support. Where ever you are now, we can be there to help you take the next steps in fulfilling your business' full potential.

We are your technology experts.
Our team of experienced professionals can develop software for any industry. We take what you know about your industry and show you how technological tools can be developed around your existing workflow to make it faster, easier, portable, scalable, and more efficient. By adding technological efficiency to your workflow, you can focus more on what you love doing and less on what you don't.

Our Process

Thank you for your interest in The App Pros! We are excited to talk to you about your project.

Building Custom Software is like Building a Custom Home

Custom software is not right for everyone. The first step is determining if custom software is right for your needs or if another solution is more suitable. We work with you to define your project’s requirements and goals. After all you would not engage a home builder with only the instructions of, “Build me an awesome house. GO!” If custom software is right for your needs our team will work with you to help refine what your custom software is going to accomplish and how it will do so. Once this “blueprint” is defined we can estimate building your product accordingly.

We begin with a Free Consultation

You tell us your idea and we listen. This is the beginning of our relationship. You will have the opportunity to interview us while we learn your goals and expectations.

Next, we create your Project Overview

Based on your consultation and research about your idea, we start architecting your idea. You want to know how much your project is going to cost. We want to be able to give you a good estimate. We develop and present the framework for a solution, similar to a set of blue prints for a building. At the end, we can share a high-level overview of your project along with an estimate of cost and time to build.


Based on the project overview we begin creating the technical structure to support your idea. We also start creating the experience of using your software. From layout, to colors, to movement…the experience is the exciting part of any project. Seeing your idea come to life for the first time!

Breaking Ground

Now that we know what we’re building for you, and we have the blueprints and structure to support your idea, we can start bringing in the heavy equipment and start creating your project one line of code at a time. We want you to see progress as your idea becomes a reality, so we will meet with you every 2-3 weeks to show you progress and give you the opportunity to use the software you are creating.


Each milestone must pass our inspection for design and flaw-free functionality. We are constantly monitoring our work. The project is managed every step of the way to make sure milestones are delivered on-time and function properly.

Move-In Day

The building is complete. The testing is complete. Your app is live and ready to be used. It is an exciting time in any project to see your reaction as you use your completed project for the first time. For many businesses, this is a life-transforming moment. But what about after Go-Live? What if you want something added? Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere. We started this project building a long-term relationship and we will continue to be there to support your software for as long as it exists.

If you would like to setup the initial consultation to get started, please contact us using the form on this page.

Thanks for your consideration. We hope to hear from you soon!

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